The Art of Entertaining: Q&A with Designer David Phoenix

Southern Home(SH): What are your favorite holiday traditions?
David Phoenix(DP): Baking is a favorite past time, especially around the holidays. Also taking the time to set a beautiful table – and last minute Christmas shopping. There is something so wonderful about being out in the crowds with the stores decorated and everyone in the holiday spirit rushing to get last minute gifts for loved ones – or those who, like me, just completely waited until the very last minute!

(SH): What do you love most about entertaining over the holidays?
(DP): The festiveness of it all!

(SH): What are your favorite classic looks to incorporate into holiday décor?
(DP): A great tartan pattern in red, gold, and green and incorporating pinecones into tabletop and garland decor have always been my all time favorite looks when it comes to decorating for myself and my clients for the holidays.

(SH): What is a festive alternate color scheme for holiday table décor?
(DB): Gold and white.  It is classic and elegant – I gravitate to it for my holiday interior decor and my tabletop setting.

(SH): What is your favorite seasonal flower or foliage to decorate with at the holidays?
(DP): Amaryllis and narcissus bulbs – I like them potted and simple.

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