An English Tudor Style Home with A Lively New Lease On Life

Although McWilliams, along with local building company Lovette Construction, had to pull everything together quickly, the team remained undaunted by the tight turnaround. Adding to the challenge, the McPhersons didn’t bring anything with them since they already owned another home in Dallas. This meant that they basically entrusted the interior designer with making all the design decisions on her own. And for McWilliams, such an understanding was music to her ears.

Summing up her experience, McWilliams confides, “I was overjoyed to bring this dream home together, down to the silverware and mattresses!” As further proof of her commitment, she even consulted with the McPherson brothers separately to find out their individual tastes, including the brand of candy they prefer. And as the boys settled into their respective rooms, each one found his own sugary treat in canisters just waiting for him. With this much attention to detail, the McPhersons were eager to call this personalized house their home.

McWilliams’s affinity for fun, innovative light fixtures also gave the interiors a decidedly current feel. “Since I’m a big fan of unexpected lighting, I added lots of low-voltage art lights and put dimmers on everything,” she states. One notable example of this is the playful chandelier in dining room. “It’s a sphere composed of flowerlike shapes that casts a warm glow in the evenings.” she explains. “You would never expect to see it in a home like the McPhersons’, but they love it!”

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