A Colonial-Revival Where Old World Charm Meets Southern Grace

“Both the English and the Southern style feature comfortable upholstery,” Schwab says of her design inspiration rooted in both the family’s heritage and the home’s location. “The exterior gardens have lots of influence on the interior style, too. The exteriors are incorporated into living areas in both the South and England. We also have a similarity in the love of antiques. Many of the pieces we used are from Parc Monceau & William Word located in Atlanta.”

While the living room is entirely centered on family-friendly sophistication, the cozy library was designed with mom and dad in mind. “It was a special retreat for the parents,” explains Schwab. “The walls are covered in upholstery, and it has a fireplace to offer both comfort and relaxation. It is the perfect place to have coffee and tea or gather for a glass of wine in the late afternoon.”

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