A Timeless Home Filled with Old and New

A large, elegant cased opening connects the dining room to the foyer. The homeowners wanted a formal dining room, but it is certainly not too stuffy or traditional with its mix of finishes and chairs, varying shades of white tones, and contemporary art.

One brilliant move came in the simple use of paint. Couch suggested that the two largest rooms be painted an engaging grey, green color to set them apart from the classic neutral palette in the rest of the home. “ I did not want these rooms to look like big beige boxes,” says the designer. “We tried the color, and my clients were on board.” The look is elegant and provides a perfect background for the pale shades of upholstery. “When we started selecting furniture, we decided that the dominant pieces would be quieter neutrals so that we would have limitless opportunities to bring in color through art and accessories,” she says.

It is hard to miss the huge abstract artwork by Erin McIntosh that Julie had commissioned especially for the room.

In a large new house, small antique pieces can look lost and childlike, but adding size can still be sophisticated as this home shows off so well. “The rooms are very large, but I intentionally chose tailored and clean-lined pieces. As a result, even the bigger chairs and sofas never feel messy,” says Couch. “Though the home is quite grand in some aspects, it still feels cozy and very welcoming.”

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