Designer Q&A with Bunny Williams

SH: How do you make an interior feel timeless?

BW: Well, you don’t ever want to have a theme or an overly matched color scheme. When I use a print, I don’t use a ton of it unless I’m going to do a toile bedroom or something. If you span periods—a pretty antique with a modern lamp—it’s going to feel timeless. Where it gets dated is if you decide you’re only going to buy Art Deco pieces or Federal furniture. It’s just not as interesting.

SH: And when it comes to color, do you have a favorite?

BW: I can’t really answer that—it’s like asking which dog is my favorite. Every time I look at a room or a color, it’s a little bit like painting a picture. I don’t like a room that has all intense colors or one that has all muddy colors. I always want balance and contrast, a soft color with a bright. I love a moss green with turquoise or a brown with coral or blue. And the eye needs relief from strong colors. Neutrals give them a place to rest.

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