Our Style Review of Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine

In his new book, Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine, published by Rizzoli, architect Bobby McAlpine transports readers through time and around the globe, translating influences and creating fresh takes on classic styles. The renowned architect has written two other books (The Home Within Us, 2010; Art of the House, 2014), and in this volume, he says he “picks up the conversations that I began in my last one.” The houses featured are grand with windows so expansive that the walls feel almost transparent. Building materials of stone and wood have ageless appeal, and the lines of each design are as lyrical as the prose that describes each project.

Poetry of Place

Instead of compiling a practical guide to his architectural work, McAlpine tells stories of the inspiration behind each house and then crafts a history of how the design unfolds. Each project begins with a one-word title—Elation, Luminous, Adventure, for example—that evokes the salient thought behind the architecture.

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