A Look Inside a Vibrant and Dynamic Georgian Home

A Look Inside a Vibrant and Dynamic Georgian Home
For the library, Phoebe found an antique Oushak to complement the Jasper fabric of the Roman shade. The chandelier is vintage.

Throughout the house, Howard uses paint finishes to enhance the house’s best features and to compensate for its limitations. In the entry hall, she enlisted Andrew Bruckman, a decorative painter from Little Rock, Arkansas, to put a classically geometric pattern on the walnut floors. A leopard print runner climbing the stairs provides a clever counterpoint to the traditional design, reinforced by zebra print trim on the window treatments. In the living room, Howard gave the ceiling a high-gloss finish of pale green to lend the illusion of greater height. She also chose white walls and light furnishings to capitalize on available light. “It’s a room with no windows,” she says, “surrounded by a gallery on one side and a sunporch on the other, so we had to maximize indirect light.” A tone-on-tone cream wallpaper keeps the room bright, “but adds subtle dimension,” notes Howard. A pale, graphic rug amplifies the sense of being surrounded by light.

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