A Lowcountry Vacation Home with Southern Tidewater Features

A Lowcountry Vacation home with Southern Tidewater features
Veined marble and mirrored surfaces create contrast in the quiet, elegant master bath.

Gathering spaces cater to the extended family the Trebilcocks frequently host. On the ground level, in addition to four guest rooms, is a lounge designed for young guests. Sofas upholstered in red indoor/outdoor fabric create a low-maintenance hangout, and industrial touches like the reclaimed-wood wall cabinet add a note of downtown chic. On the second level, the grown-ups have their own living room, complete with a brushed-metal fireplace surround and a concrete hearth.

A Lowcountry Vacation home with Southern Tidewater features

In the dining room, opposite, a modern industrial console from Brendan Bass sits under a collection of art glass. A tall table with bar stools serves as a breakfast area. The large kitchen is made for entertaining and cooking for a crowd. Kitchen designer Helene Terry broke the room into a beverage zone, a food-prep zone, and a cleanup zone to minimize log jams. Notes of aqua and grass green enliven the hearth room, below. Chairs covered in Cowtan & Tout fabric flank a sofa and coffee table from Brendan Bass in Dallas.

Comer made impactful use of wood finishes on the main level, with a hardwood floor stained a greenish gray and pine-paneled ceilings inspired by the natural Lowcountry landscape. Splashes of aqua and grass green reflect the nearby ocean and marshes, both on view from the house’s balconies. “From one side of the house, you overlook the marsh, and from the other, you have an ocean vista,” says Comer, proving that ride in the cherry picker was indeed beneficial. With consideration for the site, regional history, the landscape, and her clients’ wishes, Comer helped the Trebilcocks design a house that suits their current wish list and will also offer sanctuary for their extended family for years to come.

You can find more photos of Charlotte Comer’s Lowcountry designs in our newest issue of Southern Home magazine.

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