A Birmingham Ranch Redesign

When these homeowners chose a contemporary house that seemed at odds with their tastes, they called on Adams Gerndt Design Group to instill the traditional elements they prefer.

Text: Robert C. Martin
Photography: John O’Hagan

When it comes to renovating a house, most people have intentions of updating the structure to give it a more modern look. But for these Birmingham, Alabama, homeowners, the idea of a successful renovation meant transforming a rather contemporary home into a more traditional one.

Because the husband works downtown, the couple decided to move closer to his office, even if it meant downsizing. Although the house they settled upon was small, with only three bedrooms, its open configuration seemed appealing for entertaining—an asset the couple greatly appreciated. The property also had a pool and a pool house that,
with some modifications, would serve as a prime spot for summer gatherings. Although the residence had been refurbished about 10 years prior, its modern design didn’t work for the owners.

Moreover, the collection of antiques that the husband had inherited from his mother seemed at odds with the home’s existing style. The couple quickly realized they faced an ambitious home overhaul.

Chosen to head up the project, the Birmingham- based firm of Adams Gerndt Design Group (AGDG) took a two-tier approach. “Not only were we commissioned to make the house more gracious and refined, but we also had to ensure that the main rooms were large enough to accommodate the owners’ impressive collections of antiques and artwork,” says Tom Adams. With degrees in both architecture and interior design from Auburn University, Adams seemed the ideal choice for creating an appropriate balance between the required exterior and interior changes. His business partner, Adam Gerndt, holds both architectural and building science degrees from Auburn, thus rounding out the duo’s expertise in accomplishing the homeowners’ vision.

A garden fountain creates a serene spot away from the main house.
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