Designer Q&A: Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne KaslerSH: You use such compelling art in your projects. What’s your general philosophy about arranging and mixing styles?

SK: I always have some strong art, and mixing modern art into a traditional interior is a great look. I’ll also take a collection of things that are alike, such as French maps, and frame them the same and hang them closely together so they make one large statement. But at the same time, I love groupings of eclectic drawings, prints, and paintings hung in a more random way. Often I’ll employ all three approaches in a project.

SH: Finally, will you tell us what you’re collecting for your own house at the moment?

SK: Well, a lot of my own collections are “finished.” I love my Eiffel Towers, but I no longer buy them because I have no place left to put them. I’d say art is what I’m focusing on now. I used to acquire a lot of smaller pieces partially because they were more affordable, but now I’ve decided I should save up for the big statement instead of continuing to accumulate five small things. As much as I preach the importance of editing, I’m always trying to edit myself a little more!

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