Designer Q&A: Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler

Text Karen Carroll
PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Bieder, Phillip Ennis, Emily Followill

This Atlanta designer creates timeless interiors that showcase the importance of editing, an appreciation for traditional style with a twist, and her love of color and a good white paint.

Southern Home (SH): Your roots are in the Midwest, where you had a successful design business. But you’ve lived in Atlanta for almost 20 years now, and your career has been on a meteoric rise ever since. How has living and working in the South influenced your decorating point of view?

Suzanne Kasler (SK): In Indianapolis, I had a commercial design firm, but when my husband and I moved to Atlanta, I decided to focus on high-end residential. In the South, people really, really decorate their houses—it’s different from where I was brought up. There’s such an appreciation for tradition. I’ve been able to bring a modern sensibility into that aesthetic and still maintain what I call a foundation of tradition. I’m an interior architect by training, so I’m very concerned with getting the architecture right first.

I always want there to be an ease and a prettiness to a room. Ultimately I’ve been able to create my own sense of Southern style, although I really wasn’t consciously thinking that way all those years ago.

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