A true collaboration was forged. Schnell and Porch also made their aim to please—and give the home an approachable yet sophisticated feel. “With an outdoors-loving and ever-active young family, comfort and accessible living spaces were absolute musts,” Schnell explains. “But they also wanted flexibility for entertaining and a definite sense of separation.”

There’s a kind of contemporary Southern prose in the approach to the look and feel of this home. Interesting choices and impactful details complement the various spaces as they flow one into another. Secluded yet cozy corners with abundant natural light are found throughout, adding to the layers of intrigue.

Another excellent example of collaboration and interpretation is the dining room, which reflects Schnell’s decorating style and the owners’ approach to entertaining—confident without straining for effect. Although the room is relatively small, tall doors open to the stone terrace along the front, and large framed openings reveal the foyer and gallery for an enhanced sense of spaciousness.

Practicality with relaxed sophistication is the guiding principle for Schnell’s choice of fabrics, textures, finishes and patterns, but she is equally passionate about unexpected combinations and artful embellishments. “Upholstered pieces in the living room are Sunbrella fabrics,” she explains. “The detailing and cording instill stylish touches.”

The house resonates with a mood that is both refined and refreshingly modern, a testament to the talented people behind the designs. Certainly the client chose wisely in his quest to have a home crafted with creativity.

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