Defining Style with Designer Ashley Goforth

The Houston-based designer worked closely with the lady of the house to form a plan for the interiors. She says, “The homeowner is a lover of Chinese and African art, and she loves the color pink!” Citing the work of Lily Pulitzer and Mary McDonald as favorites, the homeowner gave Goforth plenty of direction but also allowed her to do what she does best—combine contemporary and classic elements in timeless ways.

Gray walls became the backdrop to silvers and golds, and pops of pink brought it all to life. With a palette established, the designer found that the open floor plan brought with it opportunities for creative interpretation. “One room flows into the next,” explains Goforth, “so we had to have an element from each space flow into or draw you into the other.” For example, a dynamic Quadrille wallpaper in the breakfast room makes the space energetic and fun, while the colors used help link its look to the adjacent kitchen. “And of course,” says Goforth, “the color pink is echoed throughout the home.”

Indeed the spaces reflect a fresh feel, but the expert layering of pattern and texture, along with well-edited furnishings, bring a decidedly sophisticated look to the family home. To achieve this, Goforth walked the homeowners through the process of sorting the large collection of art and furniture they had amassed in New York City. She says, “We had to pare down a lot, to choose what would stay, to focus on what made the strongest impression.” With a bit of her signature razzle-dazzle and ample outdoor fabrics that are easy to clean, she produced beautiful rooms that are not only chic but also family friendly. And the homeowners loved it.

“In all projects, the most rewarding thing is the relationship built with the client,” says Goforth. Then there’s the tangible part of the project, actually choosing items and moving things—she compares the process to a puzzle. “There are a lot of pieces that look like they could fit, but only one does,” she says. “And this project was the perfect puzzle. All the pieces ended up in the right places.”

“Southern style to me is rooted in tradition but has a lot more depth, and is never boring.” —Ashley Goforth

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